About MISK Crystal Jewellery

MISK Crystal Jewellery is a brand of fashionable jewellery made from silver and Swarovski crystals. Each product has the “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” certificate, proving its authenticity.

Play of light, a palette of colours and its distinguished form make MISK Jewellery the perfect jewellery for every occasion. The brand offers everything from everyday jewellery to more impressing creations for special occasions, which call for being noticed.

The brilliance of the perfectly cut Swarovski crystals adds refinement to the silver and makes even a simple piece of jewellery an accessory that will break the monotony of everyday clothes with its just noticeable shine. That is why the Basic and Cubes collections feature simple pieces of jewellery that will go well with everyday wear. Nonetheless, even this simple jewellery with its brilliant shine is perfect for highlighting evening dresses.